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Cut Property Taxes Permanently

Property taxes are a huge burden on Texas families struggling to keep up with rising rates and rampant inflation. While the Texas Legislature passed the largest tax cut in history this year, we need to go even further. JR will push relentlessly to permanently cut property taxes so Texans can keep more of their hard earned money in their pocket.


Secure Our Border

The Biden Administration has left our southern border an absolute mess. JR has experienced this crisis first hand as a ranch manager, witnessing hundreds of illegal immigrants struggle for their lives while others cause damage to local agriculture, threaten private property, and endanger the safety of family and friends. JR will be a leading voice in the Texas House for swift and aggressive action to secure our border, crack down on drug cartel operations, and end the crisis.

Stop Woke Radical Indoctrination

There are dangerous groups trying to push their woke agenda on our children every day from using sexually explicit school materials to drag show performances in front of children. As a loving father, JR will not flinch when it comes to protecting the well-being of Texas children. He will do everything to stop these ‘woke’ radicals, empower parents, and give Texas children a bright future.

Grow Our Small Businesses

JR has managed some of the largest ranches in the state of Texas, so he understands the economic burdens caused by excessive regulations and taxes. We need JR in the Texas House to be the voice for small business owners. Because small businesses are the backbone of our economy, he will make every effort to slash regulations, lower taxes, and provide resources for them to thrive.

Increase Resources for Rural Hospitals

Rural Texas is often forgotten and neglected when it comes to healthcare. JR understands that the doctors and nurses who run our hospitals are unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy. He will fight in the State House to give our hospitals the resources they need and expand accessibility to quality healthcare for rural Texans.


Empowering Parents with School Choice and Improving Education

A school is, first and foremost, a place of learning and must stay that way. As your next State Representative, JR will fully fund Texas education so teachers have the best resources available and our kids have the best chance to succeed in public, private, and homeschool. He will support education over indoctrination and work with Governor Abbott to empower parents with real school choice and education savings accounts so they can have a say in what their child is learning. For JR, quality education is a top priority.

Ensure School Safety

We must ensure our schools are the safest in the country. Period. JR will relentlessly pursue legislation that increases school security, funds mental health efforts, and audits school emergency preparedness.

Protect Farmers & Ranchers

JR knows that Texas farmers and ranchers feed the nation and we must do everything to support them. As a ranch manager who has overseen some of the largest ranch operations in the state, he will be on the frontlines advocating for agriculture-friendly policies, eliminating burdensome regulations on farmers and ranchers, maintaining strong water supplies, and expanding broadband internet to rural areas.


Defend Water Resources

JR has served our community on the board of directors for the Wintergarden Groundwater Conservation District and as a member of the Nueces Regional Flood Planning Group. He is committed to ensuring Texas families and agriculture have a safe, reliable water system to meet their needs. JR will bring his expertise and years of experience to the Texas House, supporting new water supply projects and defending the water resources of our communities.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

JR is a proud gun owner who will protect the right to bear arms. As a rancher and a father, he knows how important it is to be able to protect property and family. 

Protect Innocent Life

The Heartbeat Bill and Trigger Ban have made Texas one of the most pro-life states in the country. JR’s faith and his love for family make him 100% pro-life, and he is committed to defending the millions of unborn Texans who deserve their basic human rights. He will expand protections for unborn babies and push for greater access to maternal healthcare and crisis pregnancy resources to give Texas families a strong beginning.

Grow Small Businesses
Support Rural Hospitals
Defend Water Resources
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